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since Mar. 31, 2021

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《White Balance》は、2021年1月6日に起こった「アメリカ合衆国議会議事堂襲撃事件」について考える中で生まれた作品だ。こうした「アンチ多文化主義」、「同化政策への回帰」の背後には、「過剰に押し進められた多文化主義=サラダボウル理論はいいが、器もまた中身の野菜と同等に扱うべきではないか?」という議論があったと言う。つまり、器を作った白人だけを特別視するなという主張だ。

藤幡正樹 2022年7月

藤幡正樹 / システム構築:西田騎夕 / 技術協力:小林茂
関連エッセイ「割れるサラダボウルと日本人」(月刊新潮 2021年6月号所収)

The idea of this artwork emerged against the “United States Capitol attack” that occurred on January 6, 2021. Behind such "anti-multiculturalism" and the "return to assimilation policy" is ”excessive multiculturalism,” which relates to the argument that while the “salad bowl” metaphor is good, the bowl and the vegetables inside should be treated equally. In other words, the white people who made the bowl should not be treated as special.

"White" is the name of the light created by all colors = rainbow, and there is no hierarchical relationship between the individual colors. White is another name for a rainbow.

"White balance" is a vision technology that adjusts the color temperature in order to express white color objects as white under various color light sources. Nowadays, it is rare to be conscious of this color temperature because "white balance" is automatically adjusted by the camera. Since the human eye naturally perceives white as white in the first place, the emergence of such video equipment has rather made the "white balance" problem visible. This work allows you to experience the power of "white balance" in the unconscious.

Masaki Fujihata July 2022

Masaki Fujihata / System Architect: Kiyu Nishida / Technical Support: Shigeru Kobayashi